Wonderful Pastor and wife,God is present when we gathers in The Name of Jesus. Great praise and worship and people that love The Lord. Come and visit us and let God bless you.

Judy Dupre


The Pastor shares the word of God straight from the Bible and he shares from his heart he gives guidance and wisdom to help you through every day life problems he helps you see the hope of God. The music lifts your spirit and encourages you to worship God.

Patti Essman


FPC of Bayou Rouge is the perfect place to renew your mind, heart and soul. You will receive beneficial teaching, encouraging preaching and fellowship from some of the kindest people in the world. This is a "Healing Place" and God will meet you here. He will hear your petitions and meet your needs in ways you may have never expected. Come visit and allow God to speak to your soul!

Tena Boykin


I love this church!! They have an awesome pastor & a great congregation!!

Debbie Firmin-Hicks


Bro Bob fruen great pastor! If you would like to come and hear the word of God without any bias with conviction of the word of God! Any man of God who will step aside and let the movement of of the Holy Ghost minister to his people.. sister Tracy who leads the band awesome voice you just got to come hear her sing.. Apostolic worship you must come and see sis Betty and the rest of the sisters worship.. come and feel the Brotherly Love from the brothers something you don't feel...

Neal Roberie


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